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Bill at the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona

"Painting outside is essential to growth in an artist.  The best artists always address their weaknesses and nothing points these out like working directly from life.  It also allows me to reconnect with my subject while staying sharply observant.  There is nothing better or more fun for the dedicated painter."

Ancient Rhythms California Canyons California Crown Desert Skies
Evening Performance Montana Wetlands Monterey Mist Near Kirkland
Pacific Gem Prescott Afternoon Sedona Thunder Sierra Heights
Storm on the Dallas Divide Verdant Hills Winter on the Horizon "Blanketed Peaks", oil, 12" x 16"
"Granite Creek", oil, 10" x 12" "Winter Reflection", oil, 10" x 16" "Land of the Navajo", oil, 8" x 10" ''Perseverance'', oil, 10" x 12"
''Snow in the Redrocks'', oil, 9" x 12" ''Vermillion Ramparts'', oil, 12" x 16" "Summer Sunset", oil, 10" x 12" "Laguna Coast", oil, 10" x 12"
"From Silverton", oil, 8" x 10" "Retreating Storm", oil, 11" x 14" "Canyon Twilight", oil, 26" x 38" "Winter Runoff", oil, 14" x 11"
"Sedona Afternoon",oil, 10" x 12" "Sonoran Ribbons", oil, 10" x 12" "BackLit Slopes", oil, 12" x 16" "Desert Sandstone", oil, 8"x10"
"Last Light on the Mesa", oil, 16"x20" "Spring Sunset", oil, 10" x 12" "Desert Castles", oil, 12" x 16" "Golden Dawn", oil, 12" x 16"
"Northern Arizona", oil, 10" x 12" "Sunset Breakers", oil, 8" x 10" "Brooding Highlands", oil, 9" x 12" "Sedona Skies", oil, 10" x 12"
"Cloud Ripper and Sixth Lake", oil, 8" x 10"      
"Untitled", oil, 16" x 12" "Untitled", oil, 9" x 12" "Untitled", oil, 11" x 14" "Untitled", oil, 12" x 16"
"Untitled", oil, 12" x 16" "Untitled", oil, 12" x 16" "Untitled", oil, 12" x 16"  


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